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Our Cabinets

Soft Close Doors and Drawers

Here at Eagle Interiors Group, we understand that the details make the difference in a well-designed space. That's why our cabinets, equipped with soft close doors and drawers, strike the perfect balance between style and functionality.

They are built not just to look good, but to withstand the test of time–giving you the best value for your investment.


Key Features

Soft-Close Hinges

Unlike traditional hinges, ours are designed to close doors gently and silently, putting an end to the jarring noise of slamming doors.

Say you're drawn towards the ornate detailing of classic styles? Or perhaps the clean lines of contemporary design? We can provide your storage space with an extra touch of elegance that can make it stand out.

But that's not all! They are also adjustable in six different ways, providing unparalleled flexibility.

Say you need to adjust the door alignment for aesthetic purposes or maybe to ensure proper function, the design caters to all your needs with ease. They significantly enhance your overall kitchen experience, making it an absolute place of comfort and convenience. No more struggling with misaligned cabinet doors!

Full-Extension Soft-Close Drawer Glides

Imagine having drawers that glide effortlessly and close quietly–that's exactly what we offer!

Built with both strength and durability in mind, they promise you longevity and reliable performance. Plus, they come with a soft-close mechanism, which ensures your drawers close gently and silently, eliminating any abrupt and noisy closure associated with standard drawers.

But the benefits don't just stop there. They are also equipped with clips for easy removal, simplifying the often daunting task of cleaning. With full-extension capabilities, they give you full access to the entire drawer, assuring easy reach and retrieval of all your items!

Child-Friendly Features

We genuinely understand that safety is a top priority for any household, especially when it comes to families with young children. That's why our cabinets have a secure locking mechanism to prevent little hands from getting caught, ensuring their safety while also giving you peace of mind.

What You Will Get

Robust Construction

From the early morning rush to your late-night snack raids, your kitchen sees a lot of action. That's why we've built all our cabinets to be as tough as they are beautiful. Whether it's the constant opening and closing of doors, the weight of both your dishes and cookware or the occasional accidental bump or even scrape, they remain steadfast and strong.

Easy Installation

Its unique design, including corner braces and the dovetail joint, gives you both a straightforward and hassle-free installation process. Less time spent on fitting and adjustments, and more time enjoying your new kitchen.

Unmatched Strength

With our reinforced corner braces and sturdy plywood, you can rest assured that your cabinets will hold up, no matter what you store in them, from your favorite heavy pots and pans to your very delicate china. We've put them all through rigorous testing to ensure they can handle the weight and stay strong for years.

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Why Choose 

Here at Eagle Interiors Group, we offer more than just high-quality products; we provide a comprehensive service that prioritizes your needs and satisfaction.

Contact Us Today to get started on creating your dream kitchen!

  • Kitchens as Fast as 10 Business Days
    Our efficient manufacturing and installation procedures ensure you can enjoy your new kitchen sooner rather than later–without compromising on quality or design. ​ You don't want to be left without a functional space for an extended period, right?
  • Competitive Pricing
    We truly believe that everyone deserves both a beautiful and functional kitchen–regardless of their budget. ​ With us, you're getting excellent value for your money—premium cabinets that are designed to last, at prices that make sense.
  • Outstanding Customer Service
    From the initial consultation to the installation and beyond, our Eagle team is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. ​ YOUR SATISFACTION is our TOP PRIORITY.
  • ​Unmatched Warranty
    If you experience any issues due to manufacturing defects, rest assured we'll address them promptly and professionally. ​ We stand by the quality and durability of all our cabinets, and we're ready to back that up!
  • Financing Available
    We have partnered with Hearth to bring you multiple financing options for your next project. Now, you can get your next kitchen job completed with $0 down! ​ Just another way we're here to help you be successful!
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